A common problem today is ensuring that your apparel doesn’t become just another shirt or hat on the rack. Personalization is a powerful tool that allows you take steps towards standing out a little more than the rest. Here are 3 ways to personalize your brand with tags.

1. Size Tags

Personalize Your Brand With Tags - Customized TagsWe’ve all had that one shirt that comes with a size tag that’s gigantic, stiff as a board, and continuously scratches our necks. Despite the numerous shirt adjustments, or amount of times we clench our shoulder blades in an attempt to escape, we are all lead to our breaking points. The tag must go.

For total tag annihilation many choose the responsible scissor method. However, there are those that due to lack of scissors or some attempt to show off their bulging muscles, choose to rip the tag out with their bare hands, just to discover a lovely hole has replaced it.

Instead of being like those brands with bulky tags that leave some people with holes in their clothes, personalize your brand with graphically designed, screen printed, size tags. With the help of virtually unnoticeable to the touch inks and a customized tag design, size tags can be printed right inside the shirt. Printing tags will leave everyone’s neck in peace, while adding a creative touch. No tags, no problems!


2. Hem Tags

Personalize Your Brand With Tags - Hem TagsAfter telling you to rid your apparel of tags, the following point will now suggest you add tags. The explanation to this madness is this; unlike the pesky arch nemesis of your neck, a sewn on hem tag is an excellent way to add a little character and customization to your brand’s clothing and accessories.

When you create an exquisite design for a shirt and then find yourself with nowhere to incorporate your brand’s name or logo, the simple solution is add a hem tag. Placing a hem tag with your logo or name adds another sprinkle of uniqueness, and noticeable component for your customers to love.

The added bonus and beauty with hem tags is you even have options. There are two kinds of hem tags; the Center Fold and the Manhattan Fold, both great choices that allow you to choose how you want your brand to look and feel.


3. Hang Tags

Personalize Your Brand With Tags - Hang TagsLast, but not least is personalizing your brand’s hang tags. Your typical hang tag usually presents the buyer with useful information such as the size and cost. However, hang tags can instantly enhance your brand when you give them a new purpose by sprucing them up with a little custom appeal.

To avoid what commonly happens to hang tags (ripped off, crumpled up, and tossed as closely to “in” the garbage can as your basketball skills allow), try adding beneficial information such as your company’s web address or a discount code for the customers’ next purchase.

If you’re looking for a way to give your customer a little more than the apparel they’re buying, one way to do that is by turning your tag into a tear away sticker. A sticker adds a creative bonus that will shine a positive spotlight onto your brand. When your company’s sticker is used to decorate laptops or water bottles, your customers will be projecting your brand’s name to the world through more ways than just your apparel. Free advertising and a satisfied customer is a win, win for you! Moral of the story, make your hang tags noticeable to the customers instead of something they just toss away.

Personalize Your Brand With Tags - Hang Tags