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Why Are The Meaning of Colors Important?

Did you know approximately 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women in the world are color blind? For the rest of the non-colorblind folk, the universe is draped in Macaroni and Cheese yellows, Forest greens, Robin Egg blues, and shades whose sheer existence originated in the labs at Crayola.

Since the majority of the world does not spend their lives looking through a black and white lens, you are taught your colors at a very young age. By adulthood most people are able to recognize a vast array of colors. People develop different levels of attractions, subconsciously picking favorites, and some they loath entirely. Have you ever heard the girl next to you in the dressing room grumbling to her friend about how “she loves how the dress fits but orange just isn’t her color”? The power of color will be the reason she doesn’t buy the dress, but why?

Colors are one of the first things your big ole brain processes when registering something visually and in turn they play a significant role in what you are attracted to or turned off by. The girl may love the style of the dress, but her brain rejects the color of it. Colors are regularly used to represent people’s personalities, companies, and countries. People even quite literally, wear their feelings on their sleeves, through representation of color.

Whether you realize it or not, you allow colors to have a voice that speaks to the immense audience you encounter in your daily life. The essence of color and its power will make significant impacts on how others interpret, understand, and respond to you as an individual or your company. So, sit back relax and lets take a ride around the color wheel to develop a better understanding of the colors that fill in the lines of your life.


The Meaning Of Colors -Red
Primary color

  • Strengths: The color red may make you feel mighty and powerful, energized like the bunny, and passionate like a steamy romance movie.  It constructs a strong desire deep within people’s depths to accomplish goals and it pushes them through life by embedding great determination.  I like to think of the color red as the show boat of all the colors, because it aims to be the focus of your attention. Even if you don’t want to notice it, you’re going to. This high visibility is capable of boosting your brain into overdrive to make speedy decisions. Ever wonder why as soon as your eyes see the red bulb flash at a traffic light, you slam on your breaks? The red light is alerting you of danger, forcing you to quickly make the decision to stop your car.


  • Weaknesses: Too much can come very fast, and an overload of red can ultimately cause irritation. Although its intensity  is able to excite you in a motivated, take action, kind of way, a vast amount of red can easily turn you into the raging bull charging full speed at a matador. Be careful to not surround yourself with too much of this color for extended periods of time as it ultimately will manufacture anger, and in case you didn’t know, nobody likes you when you’re angry.


  • Fun Facts: CAUTION: side-effects of this color may include a rumble in your tummy thanks to its ability to stimulate appetites (I’m getting hungry just writing this). The food industry has used this to their advantage and it is the reason why red is often a color found in common restaurant logos (KFC, Dairy Queen, etc.), as well as canvasing the walls and decor within restaurants. It may make you tenacious and determined to live life to the fullest, but it’s also going to make you stop and eat something along the way.



The Meaning of Colors - Orange

Secondary color

  • Strengths: Orange is the brilliant concoction of  both the energy and stimulation of the all mighty red, dashed with a bit of cheerfulness from the big ball of sunshine, yellow.  To be honest this color reminds me a little of a cheerleader. It radiates warmth, happiness and optimism that always come in handy during times of emotional, economical, or physical distress. Its spirit animal without a doubt, the social butterfly. It kick starts talking and thinking through its ability to be mentally and physically stimulating. If you’re needing a little help with your social communication skills, surround yourself with orange. Not only will it increase the odds of having a wonderful two-way conversation, but it will give you the confidence to do so too.


  • Weaknesses: Despite its peppy and positive nature, orange is not a color people initially gravitate towards. In fact, it is strangely one of the most rejected and under-used color of our time (unless you live anywhere near the University of Tennessee, in which the only thing people wear, bleed, or sweat is the color orange). Its lack of use could be explained by the idea that an abundance of orange tends to give off a sense of cheapness, which is not necessarily an ideal first impression. Make sure to be extra careful when picking out orange paint colors in your business. Do not go get carried away and go overboard, otherwise people may not be buying what you’re selling.


  • Fun Facts: Take a quick look around you. See any orange? If your answer is no, you better go find a pen, new scarf, or really anything that is, and incorporate it into your life every day. This peer pressure is brought to you by the belief that orange has the ability to generate an intense, uplifting, and positive outlook on life.  Those silly psychologists think that is good for you, and it’s a simple way to brighten your day. However, when attempting to incorporate it into a business, it’s a fine line between cheap and affordable. When thrown together with the perfect combination of complimentary colors, orange can emit the impression of affordability, and people dig affordable. 



The Meaning of Colors - Yellow

Primary Color

  • Strengths: Yellow is a hard to hate color as you may associate it with sunshine, yellow Labrador Retriever puppies, and things that are very positive and pleasant to you.  Unlike the color red, yellow does not have to aim to be the center of attention, because it just simply is. At just the sight of it, you may be inspired to be happy and hopeful. However, it’s not solely a color for production of smiley faces 🙂 and motivation, yellow also reflects the left and logical side of the brain, promoting analytical and critical thinking. Light bulb! The color yellow helps give birth to exciting fresh ideas, new ways of doing things, and can aid in your decision-making through clarity of thought. 


  • Weaknesses: This primary color works similar to caffeine, most of us need it, it wakes you up, gets you going, but often too much of it can stew up a batch of jittery filled anxiety. Not to mention people who are over the top happy one hundred percent of the time tend to freak people out. It also has been known to have some pretty nasty side effects of nervousness (possibly due to the increase in anxiety), and the ultimate smiley face destroyer, deceitfulness 🙁 .


  • Fun Facts: The human eye actually processes yellow first. You may initially take the positive aspects from it, but this color has developed two sides to itself. Its use also expands to the part of your brain that calls attention to caution. Important road signs you see in school zones or pedestrian walk ways are often yellow, and it even is a sign of serious physically illnesses, such as jaundice. For this reason yellow wins the practical thinker award and not so much the dreamer award. If you’re a yellow groupie you may discover that you’re not only a methodical thinker, but also someone everyone loves to be around because you’re so darn happy all the time.



The Meaning of Colors - Green
Secondary Color 

  • Strengths: Green is a peculiar color. It not only delivers traits that no other color is able to give you, but it is also your safest color choice. When faced with indecion of what color to choose, my advice is to use this color as your safety blanket. Closely associated with nature, growth, and renewal, it is the most restful and relaxed colors. I give it the title “hippie color” because much like a dirty, 70’s, hippie, it promotes peace, love, and happiness across all aspects of life. Checking in as a secondary color, it possesses a healthy balance of the highs and optimism from the yellows, and the mellowness and calm we can soak in from the blues. 


  • Weaknesses: Unfortunately all colors come with their flaws. Although green can open you eyes to see both sides of the equation, it also can lead you to be unreasonable and very weary. With its close ties and associations to money, it can tempt you into selfishness, and  has been known to turn people into big, green, greedy monsters. Even if you are all about the Benjamin’s, unless green is your color, being a big, green, monster might not be a good look on you.


  • Fun Facts: Green is the color of healthy relationships, and is the best friend or significant other you’ve always wanted. Taking upon itself the role of counselor, it is one of the most friendly of all the colors.  Green can give you confidence, deliver you with balanced and harmonious emotions, and can be an exceptional listener. It is the ideal color to surround yourself with when needing to have good judgment or idea of right and wrong. When you throw on a green t-shirt you are telling the world you are open to growth, are feeling grounded and balanced, and ready to give love to those you surround yourself with.



The Meaning of Colors - Blue

Primary color 

  • Strengths: The color blue is the sincere, shy kid, hidden in the back of the class. It prides itself on being low-key, tranquil, and it doesn’t like to draw much attention to itself. When looking for a reliable, responsible color that will reduce your stress at just the sight of it, blue is the way to go. This peace-loving color shares a lot in common with my yoga instructor; they both advocate mental and physical relaxation, and work their hardest to remove any tension from people’s lives. It may not be the one with a booming voice, but blue does have the ability to inspire higher ideals through verbal communication and interaction. 


  • Weaknesses: Blue does have the tendency to become too laid back and relaxed, which opens the doorways for the yawns to role in. The boredom that develops eventually spawns into manipulation, and that leaves you with nothing but a rigid outlook on life. Being the most favored color, it universally wins the people’s choice award in the color category. Unfortunately, more and more people are beginning to view it as more conservative or predictable, so its glory days at the top of the charts may be running out. Today’s younger crowd is gravitating towards more vibrant shades of blue, while leaving the more mature darker blues for the conservative, older generations. 


  • Fun Facts: The color blue has lots of tricks up its sleeve that hold beneficial value in the work environment. Just like magic, slapping some blue on the walls creates the sensation of space. In fact, the paler the blue the more freedom you will feel. Despite the fact that kids these days view it as a traditional color, blue maintains its business savvy side. It works well within business facilities thanks to its honest, trustworthy, and dependable core values. Many conservative based corporations (banks, hospitals, etc.) incorporate this color in their businesses were traits such as loyalty are valued.



The Meaning of Colors - Violet
Secondary color 

  • Strengths: If you’re seeking good vibes, a little spiritual enlightenment, or something to keep you grounded, look no more as violet is the color you seek. With a flick of its wand, it is able to draw out creativity and imagination, by tapping into your inner, creative thought bank. It is a multifaceted, day-dreaming, gypsy, that is appealing for a variety of different moods and settings. From sexy to extravagant, violet is able to cover a broad span of appearances to allow you to use it in a variety of ways. If this color had a middle name it would Independent, to better explain its strong desire to stick out of the crowd. If you wish for your business to be viewed as wealthy or mysterious, decorating with deep violets and purples will do the trick. 


  • Weaknesses: On one hand violet inspires unconditional and selfless love, while on the other it can promote and aggravate depression. When considering using this color you want to really make sure you are using it properly and in healthy doses. Be cautious of the darker shades, and who will be surrounded by it the most. If you are a psychiatrist or someone who works with a client base that is vulnerable to chronic sadness and depression, you may want violet to be your last color choice. You will also want to be in touch with your own arrogance levels, as you may see them spike when fenced in with violet. 


  • Fun Facts: Violet just so happens to have the highest vibration in the visible color spectrum.  Like magic, it has the power to transform its vibrations, which is why it is often used to represent fantasy and magical worlds. Mirror, Mirror on the wall who’s the prettiest of them all? Unless you’re the luckiest person alive, chances are your life is not out of a fairy-tale and your mirror doesn’t speak back to you in its free time. If your mirror doesn’t seem to be talking, don’t fret as your reflection’s response may surprise you. If you’ve lavishly dressed yourself in violet for the day you may find yourself feeling a little more confident than usually. This is because violet is capable of boosting your confidence in regards to not only beauty, but also creative ideas. In a company setting you can feed off this confidence by using violet to promote the idea of high quality and top notch products. 


Now that I’ve given you a handful of ways colors shapes your mind, body, and environment, it is my hope you have a better understanding of the meaning of colors. The abundance of colors available in the world leaves you with an unlimited amount of color choices. It is always nice to understand your options, and this provided knowledge will help guide you in making your next big color choice.  I highly recommend keeping this blog close to you at all times, and use it when at a loss of what color to paint your office or what color shirt to wear on your big date. At the very least, please take what you’ve learned, share it with a friend, and surround yourself with the colors that precisely illustrate to the world all the facets that make you, you.