Students and faculty have swarmed back to The University of Tennessee and business is creeping back to usual for local bars and restaurants on the strip. Thanks to the demolition being caused by the rampaging construction crews, things have become a little scary down on Cumberland Avenue. However, do not fear as Dillon Luttrell- co-owner of the Fort Sanders Yacht Club– has been feeding off the horror of the one-lane traffic to create a monster of his very own. Monster Pizza-a non-traditional pizza by the slice joint-will be making a thriller entrance to the Cumberland Strip near the end of this month.


Monster Pizza - Artwork 1

Artwork By Justin Vallee

JustinValle3Monster Pizza Artwork 3


In his dedicated attempt to keep the strip booming with business Dillon Luttrell wanted to give Knoxville something unique. He sought inspiration for Monster Pizza from his favorite 80’s and 90’s horror movies and memorabilia. To bring his building back from the dead Luttrell teamed up with various painters and street artists, to bestow on customers the artistic culture of Knoxville. Draping the walls with original paintings of characters that once gave you nightmares; you’re guaranteed to spot a familiar monstrous face during your visit.

Label Industries is stoked to announce we have also jumped on board with Dillon and Monster Pizza. Working on masterpieces from the privacy of our own laboratories, we’ve hooked Monster Pizza up with some custom screen printed apparel and stickers. T-shirts, hats, and stickers will be available for purchase once the doors creak open for business.

Monster Pizza- Black Shirt

Monster Pizza- Sticker

Custom Screen Prints By Label Industries

Monster Pizza- White Shirt


Despite its horror theme don’t be scared to check this place out! Open for breakfast, until 11pm, you’ll be able to snag monstrous slices for a cheap price. Their menu will showcase an assortment of blood-tingling specialty pizzas, including the Ghost Pizza which will be sponsored by the Knoxville Ghost Hunters Society. Furthermore, they will offer hot bagel sandwiches- available for breakfast and lunch- and a variety of mouth-watering gourmet hot dogs. Be aware, once the clock strikes 11 the monsters head to the bar, and you’ll have to make your way around the corner to Fort Sanders Yacht Club. There Monster Pizza and FSYC will join forces to continue to serve late night slices of pizza and beer.

From the art, to the food, to the environment, Monster Pizza will expand on the heritage that brings people to love Knoxville. Finally this city will be able to enjoy an affordable, pizza by the slice restaurant, that offers more than just a traditional Italian vibe.

Find Monster Pizza on Facebook for more grand opening news, and don’t forget to pick up your Monster Pizza tees and stickers while they last.