Choice Paralysis VS. Branding Strategies- Barry Schwartz

Decision-making is seemingly becoming more and more difficult for those living in today’s society. So difficult  in fact that psychologist Barry Schwartz now believes people are experiencing what he calls choice paralysis. This is the idea that because people have so many choices to decide on and choose from, they are less likely to choose one at all. Even when they are able to make a decision, Schwartz argues that people still feel less satisfied and continuously doubt their choice.

New businesses sprout out of nowhere every day and are eager to jump into the ring to serve an overbearing amount of “new” products. Consumers are constantly expected to choose from a million different options of products and services they want and need.Choice Paralysis VS. Branding Strategies - Brands IF they’re strong enough to overcome the paralysis, it is not surprising to find that people generally stick to what they know. It’s an easy choice for them to turn to the brands that have proven to be trustworthy, reliable, and ones they have chosen before.

How do new businesses pry people away from things they are comfortable with when convincing them to make any decision at all is hard enough?

At Label Industries, we specialize in helping companies showcase their brands; AKA we bring businesses to life through their brands. We showcase to the consumers that making a confident choice does not have to be all that difficult. However- unique, consistent, branding strategies start long before we even begin our work. There’s a lot of work to be done for companies trying to build a trustworthy and reliable brand, and an important step for businesses trying to make it to the top of their industry.  


Choice Paralysis VS. Branding Strategies- What is Branding?

Branding is the process that showcases the significant differences between products from various companies. It will aids consumers to choosing the right product for them. Most importantly- more importantly than anything else- a business’s brand is the quintessential pinky promise they make to their consumers. It’s a promise of what customers should anticipate out of their products and customer service.

A company’s brand serves as its skeletal backbone– its personality if you will. It is the direct reflection of who the company is as a whole; both who they strive to be and who the consumers perceive them to be.



Choice Paralysis VS. Branding Strategies- Who Needs Branding and Why?

Big or small every company now feels the pressure to establish what their brand is. A company without a defined brand is an incomplete company. Internally and externally a clear branding strategy is vital for those that wish to graduate from local markets and become successful on global platforms.

Choice Paralysis VS. Branding Strategies- Local/Global


Internally branding serves as a nicely bound rule book for all company associates to abide by. These well-defined standards can assist employees in providing the high quality products and services that are being promised to the public. High value work from employees = high value products and a company that consumers can depend on. Companies will struggle to emerge from the shadows if they cannot convince consumers to trust in their employees, in their identity, and in their promises.


Choice Paralysis VS. Branding Strategies- Where Do Companies Start?For new companies just setting foot on their branding journey, they will have to start by taking a good hard look at who they are in the raw.

*What types of characteristics describe who they are, what they’re doing, and how they want the consumer to perceive them? *What are the roots they sprout from?


If a company is simply making adjustments to their brand then they’ll need to think about what customers already think of them. They will need to develop a plan to explain their changes and detail what differentiates them from not only all the other brands- but also- who they used to be.

                                                                                         *What have they changed, and why?  *Why are they better now, than they were before they changed?


The next step to a strong brand is discovering how to communicate properly to appropriate audiences. How, what, where, when, and who will communicate the brand message will all factor in to the brand’s success rate. Everything within a company- including its logo and social media posts- should remain consistent with the same message. There isn’t anything that speaks to consumers like consistency! A brand is only as good as its word and these days with decision-making as difficult as it is- trust means everything.


Choice Paralysis VS. Branding Strategies- Then What Happens?

Once a brand has developed who they are but still need a little help figuring the rest out, that’s when we come in. Here at Label Industries we are brand-activating experts. We pick up the branding process and bring it to life by connecting it with customers across all communication platforms. We assist in further developing that consistent customer engagement and loyalty by showcasing brands both online, and in person. From screen printing and embroidery, to promotional items, web development, and events management, we execute branding strategies that touch all the bases.


As the market grows, consumers’ decisions are only going to get harder. Choice Paralysis will continue to impact consumers’ decision-making process and force out those brands that lack a strong identity. A company’s branding success could be one of the most important factors in deciding if it will make it or break it in its industry.