Townsend Grains & Grits Festival

Label Industries Branding Supply Company took part in the 2016 Grains & Grits Festival in the breathtaking scenic mountains of Townsend, Tennessee. This local festival provided guests with a unique opportunity to meet the Southeast region’s renowned distillers who poured their legendary whiskeys, craft beers, wines, moonshines, and more! East Tennessee’s very own native Tara Thompson performed lived entertainment that paired splendidly with appetizing food from places such as Dancing Bear Appalachian Bistro, Blackberry Farm, and Knoxville’s own Central Flats & Taps, and Balter Beerworks. Click here for a complete list of restaurants and distillers who took part in the event.

The 2016 Grains & Grits festival was a great success and celebration of Tennessee’s Smoky culture. We were thrilled to add our contribution to a festival that served ridiculously tasty grub and beverages. Label Industries produced original t-shirts for the event prior to its kick-off and set-up shop during the event. While we helped guests to enjoy their time at the festival, we printed one of kind posters that customers received free with their t-shirt purchases!

Check out some of the pictures we captured from the event, and the Grains & Grits Festival Facebook page to find out more.