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Bacon, Beds, & Brews Fest

Bacon, Beds, & Brews  World's Fair Park- Knoxville, TN The 3rd annual Bacon, Beds, and Brews Race was put on by Special Spaces. Special Spaces is an organization that creates dream bedrooms for children with life threatening medical conditions. This incredible organization does complete makeovers to create a one of a kind space for

Bacon, Beds, & Brews Fest2018-03-01T16:46:24+00:00

Grains & Grits Festival

Townsend Grains & Grits Festival Label Industries Branding Supply Company took part in the 2016 Grains & Grits Festival in the breathtaking scenic mountains of Townsend, Tennessee. This local festival provided guests with a unique opportunity to meet the Southeast region's renowned distillers who poured their legendary whiskeys, craft beers, wines, moonshines, and more! East Tennessee’s very

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Louder Than Life 2015

Louder Than Life 2015 October 3 & 4 - Louisville, Kentucky There wasn't anything that could hinder the second annual Louder Than Life Festival from taking place. Rain or shine, the sold-out crowd of 50,000 ticket holders was going to get exactly what they paid for- an impressive rock music lineup, awarded Bourbons, and

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Yee-Haw Brewing Company- The Official Craft Beer Of The Bristol Motor Speedway

Yee-Haw Brewing Company at Bristol Motor Speedway After finding a home in a historic railroad depot in Johnson City (Tennessee), Yee-Haw Brewing Company quickly began work to make a name for themselves in the micro-brew industry. COO and Brew Master of Yee-Haw- Brandon Greenwood (Formly from Laguintas)- and partners Joe Baker, Cory Cottongim, and Chuck

Yee-Haw Brewing Company- The Official Craft Beer Of The Bristol Motor Speedway2018-05-01T19:20:36+00:00

2015 Surf Expo Recap- MasterCraft Boat Company

September, 2015 Surf Expo - Orlando, Florida Last month roughly 4,000 industry leaders for everything beach and water, dropped-in to Orlando, Florida for the 2015 Surf Expo. Since starting in 1968, MasterCraft Boat Company has maintained a highly regarded reputation within the boat and water-sport industry. For that reason, it came as no surprise

2015 Surf Expo Recap- MasterCraft Boat Company2018-05-01T19:24:42+00:00

Choice Paralysis VS. Branding Strategies

Decision-making is seemingly becoming more and more difficult for those living in today's society. So difficult  in fact that psychologist Barry Schwartz now believes people are experiencing what he calls choice paralysis. This is the idea that because people have so many choices to decide on and choose from, they are less likely to choose

Choice Paralysis VS. Branding Strategies2015-09-30T19:18:15+00:00

1, 2, Monster Pizza’s Coming For You!

  Students and faculty have swarmed back to The University of Tennessee and business is creeping back to usual for local bars and restaurants on the strip. Thanks to the demolition being caused by the rampaging construction crews, things have become a little scary down on Cumberland Avenue. However, do not fear as Dillon Luttrell-

1, 2, Monster Pizza’s Coming For You!2015-09-09T18:04:09+00:00

The Meaning of Colors

COL•OR Why Are The Meaning of Colors Important? Did you know approximately 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women in the world are color blind? For the rest of the non-colorblind folk, the universe is draped in Macaroni and Cheese yellows, Forest greens, Robin Egg blues, and shades whose sheer existence originated in

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3 Ways To Personalize Your Brand With Tags

A common problem today is ensuring that your apparel doesn’t become just another shirt or hat on the rack. Personalization is a powerful tool that allows you take steps towards standing out a little more than the rest. Here are 3 ways to personalize your brand with tags. 1. Size Tags We’ve all had that one

3 Ways To Personalize Your Brand With Tags2015-08-05T13:41:21+00:00

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